Support Plans & Service Delivery

All the support you'll ever need!

Onsite / In Person

Remote Support

Fully Managed

Support Plans

Ad Hoc

Pay As You Go Support for Ad hoc Remote and Onsite.
Build in Managed inclusions like antivirus or patch management with out the contract terms

Fully Managed

All the benefits of Remote Management plus: 

  • Unlimited support and maintenance for desktops and servers
  • Unlimited remote
  • Unlimited onsite support

Remote Managed

  • Ad hoc support in server or non-server environments 
  • Unlimited remote support via phone and internet-based remote access tools
  • Discounted rate for onsite support
  • Real-time server monitoring 
  • Server maintenance
    • Security Patches, Virus Definitions, Spyware Protection, Backup, Firmware Updates, Event Logs, Disaster Recovery, Service Monitoring and Notifications, Disk Drive Analysis, System Auditing, Application Management, Asset Management, User Policy Enforcement, Full Remote Access Support

Why should i choose a Support Plan?

Support plans are designed to reduce the pressure on business leaders, or the person that’s the best at IT in the office. Check out this article we where talk about the benefits of using a support agreement VS Traditional Ad hoc.