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Small business in the digital age needs the same level of redundancy, protection and continuity as any large enterprise.

Our Solutions

Technical Support | Hosted Voice | Site Recovery & Backup |

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice can reduce your business telephony costs by up to 50% and provide you with a more agile solution. UnderCTRL exclusively uses solutions from 3CX to ensure our clients receive the best service, management and performance in todays modern world.

Site Backup & Recovery

Backups and business continuity is an absolute necessity in the digital age – it is imperative that even small businesses have a disaster recovery plan, and offsite retention. 

Our Datto solutions ensure your data is protected onsite with rapid virtualisation recovery and offsite with encrypted backups. 

Backups don’t just end with your onsite environment – hosted services like Office 365 don’t backup your data at an item level, meaning if you delete an email or file it could be gone forever.

Office 365

UnderCTRL is a Microsoft Partner, and able to help with the installation, configuration and management of office 365 tenancies. 

Our team are skilled in SharePoint, Email Management, Backup and Recovery and management operations.

Centralised Monitoring and Networking

Keeping an eye on your network is an important part of troubleshooting and security. 

Our team work to create a centralised wireless & wired networking to improve incident response time using products from Datto and Ubiquiti.

Along with Networking, Managed servers and workstations are actively monitored to ensure the latest patches are install and your system is online.

Procurement & Supply

No only do we install, manage protect and monitor a range of devices – we can also supply

UnderCTRL has partnered with Local and National suppliers to ensure we can provide any solution from leading vendors like HP, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, IBM and much more.

Our Partners