Managed IT Services

At Rummage we offer a range of Managed IT Services for Townsville based and national clients.

Our range of Managed IT Services includes:


Outsourced IT

We can provide once-off and ongoing managed IT services for your business. In the past we have helped businesses implement new IT infrastructure installations, provided IT support to internal IT departments who require an extra set of hands and ongoing IT support to businesses who recognize the importance of IT services but choose not to employ a full-time IT technician.

Business IT Solutions

Network & Tech Support

The development and installation of an efficient a smooth-operating IT network can be a complex process. As IT consultants we are able to offer advice on appropriate network solutions for your business needs. As we are independent of our suppliers, we are able to offer unbiased advice, with No Bull.

So that you understand the process, we do not confuse you with technical jargon; we talk to you in plain English so that you always understand what we are recommending.

We also offer technical support for your business, to ensure that the day-to-day operation of your IT infrastructure is seamless and you can focus on what’s important to you – your business!

Managed IT Services Brisbane

Proactive monitoring

Prevention is better than a cure and this is another of the important managed IT services Rummage offer to ensure our client’s data is safe and secure. We are able to monitor your IT infrastructure in real-time to identify any potential threats and address these before they become a problem. In line with this, we also offer regular data back-ups and system reviews to ensure your systems are safe and secure.

Managed IT Services Brisbane

Remote Support

Remote support allows us to provide solutions to your IT frustrations in a short space of time. As well as being faster than a call-out, we may be able to offer a discounted rate to businesses who opt for a remote support service only. Should we need to come out to physically inspect the network we can advise you and organise a time that suits you to review your IT infrastructure.