IT Consulting

Working with the UnderCtrl team will improve your IT infrastructure & reduce IT headaches.

Tailored IT Consulting services.


At UnderCTRL we understand the importance IT plays in the smooth operation business. From Professional Services to Manufacturing, good IT design can streamline your business processes and reduce downtime. Because of these benefits, good IT design should not be left to chance.

No Out of the Box Solutions Here.


We follow a customer centric approach to IT. We begin by asking you how you operate your business, where you think the pitfalls and risks may occur and how you think IT can be useful to you and your business. With this information in hand, we can then make appropriate and tailored recommendations specific to your business.

We are a recognised Microsoft Certified Partner and VMWare Partner.


At UnderCTRL we have a deep understanding of complex IT environments based on many years of monitoring and managing our customer’s IT systems and networks. We invest heavily in achieving industry certifications, ensuring our clients get access to highly skilled and certified people.

Are you looking for an IT Consulting Partner or a Provider?


UnderCTRL builds lasting relationships and mutual trust which we believe is imperative to a sound business relationship. We are always completely transparent and will always act with good faith in our clients’ best interests. We are not owned by any provider and as such can provide unbiased IT consulting services to our clients.

Why Choose UnderCTRL for your IT Consulting Needs?


Improved Systems Availability. Our pro-active monitoring and management will ensure your systems have maximum up time reducing IT headaches and concerns.

Improved Performance. By pro-actively identifying and addressing root-cause issues we will ensure your system performance is improved and maintained over time.

Improved Productivity. With more up time and better performance you will be able to leverage our technology advice to deliver more productive results.

Improved Service. Effective IT Consulting occurs through effective communication and service. By being pro-active and open we aim to deliver a personalised service offering that leads to improved IT for your business.