Cloud Computing

IT is about appropriately managing, storing and securing data and information.

If IT is about appropriately managing, storing and securing data and information, Cloud Computing is about most effectively using that data in the most versatile, free moving way.

Cloud Computing stores data in a secure location from which you can access your files and run any program you normally would from your business via any device, anywhere in the world at any time. Not only can you store data such as word documents, excel spreadsheets, PDF’s etc. but you can also have a virtual desktop set-up for individual users – so that they can access operating systems, software programs and files from multiple devices globally.

This is a great solution for flexible workforces with staff who may work from home or for staff who travel.

Cloud Computing Uses

With cloud computing users can;

  • Access data globally
  • Access the Network 24/7
  • Share Software Programs via an internet connection
  • Synchronise Email, Calendar and Contacts across multiple devices and between multiple users
Cloud Computing Brisbane
Cloud Computing Brisbane

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

With cloud computing Businesses benefit from;

  • Monthly payments, rather than upfront IT infrastructure costs
  • Servers are maintained by a specialist server provider, meaning infrastructure redundancy risk is transferred to a third party
  • Software updates are managed by the provider, so it is always up to date and secure
  • Data is backed up on a regular basis, sometimes every minute.

It is important to understand that because cloud computing is an internet-based model, data can be stored on an off-site server. Most people with cloud solutions have no idea where their files are actually kept or understand the level of security of their sensitive data. This is not the case for Rummages clients.

You can rest assured knowing your data is safe and secure with us. We have dedicated high-end servers in secure data centres in Brisbane so you can be completely confident in the security of your critical business information.

Scalable Pricing Options

Cloud computing solutions can vary greatly in particulars and pricing. A cloud computing solution suitable for one business may not be suitable for another. That is why it is important to discuss your IT and data needs with an appropriately qualified IT consultant.

At Rummage we provide tailored Cloud Computing solutions for businesses to improve efficiency and manage their data.