Managed Internet Services

We offer advice and services to help pick the right technologies for your business.

What are Managed Internet Services?


Managed Internet Services refers to a number of services available to our customers, including webservers, DNS servers, messaging and internet security and filtering. As part of our Managed Internet Services process we identify ways to deliver speed to your internet service, across a highly secure platform. Our servers are based in Brisbane, for optimal speed and data security.

Rummage offers a wide range of Managed Internet Services including;

  • Advice on Internet Connections and Plans
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support for your Service
  • Security Patches and Virus and Malware Management
  • Regular System Auditing
  • Asset Management and Advice
  • User Policy Enforcement
  • Full Remote Access Support

Some of our Managed Internet Services


Webservers-  if you want to ensure your website is always running you need a reliable and secure web server. Rummage web servers operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week. With constant monitoring, you know your website is in safe (virtual) hands.

Messaging & Communications

If you’re managing a team that needs to communicate across offices, we can arrange instantaneous and low-cost messaging services that allow your staff to communicate quickly and effectively. We can also offer VoIP services that allow your entire team to speak with one another, over virtual telephone lines (at a fraction of the cost of traditional telephone plans).

Internet Security & Filtering

If you need to ensure your data is protected from outsiders or you need to limit access to certain files to certain employees, you can arrange for restrictions and network monitoring to be implemented by our team. Know who has accessed what and when or restrict access completely. Further, we can manage your internet connection to limit access to social media and entertainment sites, ensuring your staff are always on the job.

Symmetric Upload/Download Speeds

While most residential data plans offer asymmetric upload/download speeds (i.e. downloads occur faster than uploads), an asymmetric data line is not sufficient for businesses that often generates a lot of data that has to be uploaded in a timely fashion. Rummage can assess your business’s need for a symmetric plan and make recommendations accordingly.

Wireless, Fibre, 3G/4G, NBN, Cable, ADSL/ADSL2+…

The list just grows and grows. If you are having trouble understanding and deciphering the best Internet connection for your business, we can help. Through an analysis of your business, we can help you identify the speeds needed to optimally run your business and match you up with the right plan to ensure you have sufficient data at the right price.