Point to Point Systems

Point to point transmission technology allows multiple offices to be connected over a single private enterprise network enabling the next expansion phase of your business.

Point To Point Systems


Rummage offers point to point wireless transmission technology utilising microwave transmissions to create stable, private network connections between numerous business sites. If your growing business is separated by distances of several kilometres, our systems provide the necessary infrastructure for connecting offices without digging trenches or laying cables yourself. Once installed, the point to point system enables businesses to effortlessly share the IT resources and data from one site with several others. The most amazing aspect of the technology is that it works out cheaper to install and set up as longer distances and additional sites are covered by the network.

What Are The Benefits Of Point To Point Systems?


This custom enterprise solution creates a high bandwidth wireless connection between each site which can be scaled up as a business and its communications needs grow. Our team works with you to understand your business needs and use cases and constructs the best system available to meet your networking and cost requirements. We install a series of powerful telecommunication grade transmitters, repeaters and receivers to connect your places of business

Why Choose A Point To Point System?


With a point to point wireless system designed, installed and managed by Rummage our clients experience the numerous advantages of an integrated workplace. This product reduces the cost incurred by necessary items such as servers, firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which can be shared from individual sites and utilised remotely. Each site is then equally equipped in an intuitive and seamless manner at a fraction of the individual outfit costs. Your staff will appreciate this equity of access to the tools of modern business as it allows them to carry out their roles regardless of location. For our enterprise clients, the private connection enabling the sharing of network software and infrastructure lowers the cost and stress barriers to growing your business.