Extended Detection & Response

In business, we understand the importance of managing risk.

Managing IT Security Risk


IT Security and Data backup are two integral services necessary to manage your business’s data risk.

  • What happens to your information if a fire, flood or theft destroys your business?
  • What about a power surge or even a hacker?
  • Is your business information protected?

If one of your servers crashed at the end of a business day, today – what is the cost to your business of losing 8 hours of data per user and it taking between 4 – 24 hours to get it back up working?

Without an appropriate IT Security and Data Backup plan in place these real threats could have a dramatic impact on your business and bottom line.

At Rummage we assess and review potential risks from all angles and then design a complete system for migrating, protecting and recovering physical and virtual information. We re-establish your network in a new location, restore your data from the back up and supply extra equipment if needed.

Through the development of your customised IT Map, Rummage will clearly understand your data flow, priorities and back up cycle critical to your business. This enables our experienced technicians to develop, recommend and implement data back-up procedures and solutions tailored to your needs and risks.

You are also able to receive regular back-up reports emailed to you, to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your IT security and Data Backup plan is being executed as promised.

By engaging Rummage you will have the security knowing that in a time of need we will get you back on your feet immediately.