Full System Review

IT Support & Consulting

As your partner, UnderCtrl undertakes a FULL SYSTEM REVIEW to develop an IT MAP of your business, providing a valuable tool to fully understand your processes, data and hardware requirements. Click here for more about IT Support & Consulting



Managed Services

Managed IT Services

This is where we manage all of your own hardware and software needs that exist in your business such as terminal servers, email, specialised program and data solutions, enterprise servers, user connectivity, software updates and licensing. Click here for more about Managed IT Services.



Data Back-Up, Security and Recovery

IT Security and Data Backup

Without an appropriate IT Security and Data Backup plan in place your business is at risk of losing its important information. How much time and income would your business lose if your data were breached by a natural disaster, hackers or hardware failure? Click here for more about IT Security and Data Backup




Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Email hosting ensures you have 24/7 access to your emails across all of your devices – PC, Mac, iPhone or Android. It is important to understand the benefits and consequences of free, hosted or fully managed email options. Click here for more about Email Hosting. 


Your On-Hand Technology Expert

Business IT Solutions

Do you wish you had an IT services provider that you could rely on to be your hub of knowledge? Someone who can give you advice when you’re considering a new CRM system, payroll software, the introduction of smart devices, setting up a new office or developing a web page. Click here for more about Business IT Solutions.



Cloud Icon

Cloud Computing

If IT is about appropriately managing, storing and securing data and information, Cloud Computing is about most effectively using that data in the most versatile, free moving way. Work anywhere, Anytime with a Cloud Computing solution. Click here for more about Cloud Computing



Point to Point Systems

Point To Point Systems

Point to point transmission technology allows multiple offices to be connected over a single private enterprise network enabling the next expansion phase of your business. Click here for more about Point to Point Systems


Did we mention we supply the hardware and the expertise so you don’t have to manage anything yourself?
We have worry-free solutions where all you have to focus on is your business, and not worry about IT!


Organise a Free IT Services Consultation Today

Brisbane based UnderCtrl offers a free consultation to discuss how our IT Services can help your business.

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