Dedicated Email Hosting

Email forms the backbone of the modern business communications between staff, suppliers and customers. There are many competing solutions to fulfill this role for businesses large and small which vary widely in cost, capability and security. Dedicated email hosting offered by UnderCtrl is a method which is superior in a number of ways.

Avoid having your business blacklisted for someone else’s spam

Email domains which are associated with nuisance or scam emails are commonly blacklisted automatically as a security measure by the email hosts of businesses and individuals. This can often prevent your order form or invoice, from ever reaching your recipients inbox. Dedicated email hosting avoids this problem, with dedicated infrastructure and monitoring to prevent this issue.

Dedicated Email support

Utilising a dedicated email hosting solution allows business owners and staff to take advantage of dedicated support for the service. Available 24/7, an experienced and knowledgeable team is standing by ready to provide personalised support around the communication needs of your business, from setup and migration to technical support. While other services also have support options, none compare to the rapid and personalised services offered to businesses with their own dedicated email hosting solutions, minimising downtime and costs.

Ease of Access

With a dedicated email solution, staff have access to email synchronised across multiple devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This enables business communications to be accessible at all times regardless of the devices being utilised by businesses. Additionally this desk and mobile access to a dedicated mail service ensures that there is no downtime regardless of device IT problems. All these accessibility factors combine to produce a service which has minimal downtime and is easy to use whenever or wherever it is needed.

Useful Email Features

Dedicated email hosting allows businesses to customise additional features that will enhance their electronic communications. Clients can benefit from additional spam filters and enhanced services, from simple examples such as shared and synchronised address books and calendars, to more complex such as read receipts, aliases and mailing lists the functions available are greatly increased. All of these features can enable businesses to make use of all options available to an online business to streamline and enrich communication to all parties.

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