Why Use Managed IT Services?

Modern business requires a large supporting network of information technologies to keep pace with the requirements of participating in the current marketplace. Many companies struggle with the challenge of establishing and maintaining these business vital technologies and this is only exacerbated as a business grows and systems become more complex. To alleviate these stresses, many business owners are turning to Managed IT services such as Under Ctrl to supplement or replace in house IT departments for multiple reasons.

A highly trained team of specialists to call upon

A managed IT service is made up of a team of highly trained, diverse and broadly experienced IT professionals working together from a shared base of commercial IT knowledge. This team is available to support business needs on a 24/7 basis through a number of convenient communication methods. Small businesses with a small IT team who have many responsibilities each day in regular can be supported by these extra staff in times of IT problems. Additionally staff sick leave and holidays times outside normal 9-5 hours can be managed with the ability to utilise the managed IT team.

Reduce stress with managed data security

Maintaining data safety is a vitally important responsibility of any IT team to ensure protection of customer data, intellectual property and confidential business information. The large amount of data generated every day needs to be protected both from loss and theft to ensure smooth business operations. Under Ctrl Managed IT services assist businesses large and small to meet their needs in this difficult but important task. Managed IT can remotely monitor business IT infrastructure in real time to highlight and address any potential problems or threats before they manifest as a challenge. In addition to this external data backup and data integrity reviews can be performed to maintain your IT network safety, security and reliability.  

Reduce your overheads with Managed IT

Cost is a major factor in any business decision, especially when it comes to long term overhead costs such as information technology. Managed IT services can greatly reduce costs as they already have established tools and expertise ready to support various business types. Your business can save both time and money, utilising an IT provider who already has all of the skills and expertise you need, rather than having to keep your own IT staff trained in the latest software and processes. When organising Managed IT, charges are outlined and agreed to in advance allowing reliable business budgeting & expenditure on this vital business infrastructure.

Managed IT provides peace of mind

With all of these advantages, Managed IT services enable business owners to experience peace of mind when it comes to the challenging information technology aspect of modern business. Under Ctrl provides managed IT support to businesses in Queensland and nationwide. Contact the team today for a free, no obligation consultation.

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