After the low-points of previous Windows upgrades there are many people who are taking a Windows 10 upgrade cautiously and with a sense of skepticism. While many have already taken the plunge, there are still plenty who are holding out for validation of it being a good idea.

Honestly, the upgrade to Windows 10 comes with a sigh of relief rather than disappointment. Although we have heard one or two issues with installation, Windows 10 feels more like Windows should and there are even some interesting features for Windows 10 users. We look at some of the new features, and some of the quirky things in Windows 10, to give you a better idea of whether you should upgrade or not.

Virtual Desktop

For those who are still stuck using a single screen, virtual Desktop is a great way to flick between tasks. Either click the Task View Button to the right of the Search Toolbar or Hold ‘Windows Key’ + ‘Tab’. You can add separate tasks to individual virtual desktops and run multiple desktops or you can flick between different programs with ease.

To Use: ‘Windows Key’ + ‘Tab’

Cortana search function

Need to find something quickly – you can now simply search the web, straight from the Start Menu. This function does use Bing, but if you’re impartial to your web browser choice, it’s a great way to quickly access info.

Cortana search function



Cortana can also find apps and files located on your computer.

Print to PDF

In other versions of Windows, users were forced to install 3rd party Print to PDF programs – however this function is now a standard built in feature for Windows 10.

To Use: Simply Select Microsoft Print to PDF option after clicking print in most programs.

Battery saver

Windows 10 intelligently notices when you are running low on battery and starts to shut down background apps and programs, so you can get the most life out of your Laptop.

To Use: Go to Settings > System > Power & Sleep

Inactive Window Mouse Scrolling

This is great for when you’re trying to review a document/webpage and you’re simultaneously writing a report. You can tell Windows 10 to scroll down on inactive windows, meaning you don’t have to click on the inactive window and then lose your cursor position on the Word Document.

To Use: Go to Settings > System > Devices > Mouse & Touchpad > Select Scroll Inactive Windows when I hover over them

Settings & the Control Panel

There are times when using Windows 10 feels like Microsoft have literally copy pasted the code of Windows 7 & Windows 8 together to produce Windows 10. This is apparent with the settings and Control Panel.

settings panel

control panel






If you’re happy to learn the new layout, then you can adjust Windows settings via the Settings panel.   Otherwise, you can search for the Control Panel and use the older style interface – keep in mind that both panels offer slightly different functions.

Free up space after the Windows 10 Upgrade

One of the good things about the Windows 10 upgrade is that if you really don’t like the new operating system you can roll back to your previous edition of Windows. This being said, you need to store the previous version of windows on your hard drive – this can take up a substantial chunk of space.

Disk Cleanup

So, once you’re committed to Windows 10, you can, with caution, elect to remove previous versions of windows, use the Windows Disk Clean-up Tool.

To Use: Go to Cortana and search for Disk Cleanup

Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free before 29th July 2016

Windows 7 & 8/8.1 consumer editions may be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10, if they upgrade before 29th July, 2016 (conditions apply so you should check with Microsoft to confirm).

Click Here for Details Windows 10 Free Upgrade

If you have an Older Computer…

Although we generally think Windows 10 is worth the upgrade, you should reconsider if you have an older computer. Windows 10 uses a lot more space than other operating systems, and is more RAM intensive, so you may want to stick with Windows 7 if you have an older PC.

Final Thoughts on a Windows 10 Upgrade

These are only a few reasons for upgrading to Windows 10. There has been plenty of coverage about Windows/Microsoft poorly delivering the roll out, but this has been balanced by a reasonably good product that performs much like Windows should. Overall we think it is the right move for most Windows users, but if you’re not sure, give us a call.

If you are a business and you are considering your Windows options, feel free to give us a call to discuss how a company wide upgrade should be implemented.

If you would like to know more check out our Business IT Services  page.


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