IT Terminology Translated for the rest of the world

At UnderCtrl we know the world thinks we in the land of IT speak another language. We asked around and got a few non-techies to give us their educated guess on what a few common IT words mean. We then gave an IT answer, with IT Jargon removed.


Best guess: A big computer

IT Jargon Buster

A server works to allocate resources of other computer devices and software on a network. Usually a high powered computer, a server usually has a specific function, such as a printer server, a web server, a file server or an FTP server.

Cloud Computing

Best Guess:  Accessing your files on the internet

IT Jargon Buster

Cloud computing allows users to access their information and data online in a secure network. They can access software and data through a cloud solution, meaning they can access their data anywhere they have an internet connection. Cloud computing is basically a server, that is accessible online.

Hosting Service

Best Guess: A place to rent computer stuff?  

IT Jargon Buster

Hosting relates to the provision of IT related services. For example you may have a web hosting server who leases server space to you host your company website. The host provides a hosting service.


Best Guess: A whole of bunch of computers

IT Jargon Buster

While close, the important thing about a network is that the computers are connected. This can be achieved through a hard wired connection or a private network in an office – although many businesses are moving away from this set-up to a flexible cloud computing solution.


Best guess : Something Something Number?

IT Jargon Buster

Actually VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. A VPN allows for a company to share its network virtually across the internet. This is beneficial if employees want to access information from home or are in a regional office and need to access information from head office.

Big Data

Best guess:  A heap of data that no one knows what to do with

IT Jargon Buster

Big Data is the collection of information that relates to your business. Think about a supermarket capturing all of the information relating to what we as consumers purchase – this is big data. The thing about Big Data is its only as useful as the way in which we can interpret and utilise it to improve our business (which is a lot harder than it sounds).


Best guess: Something to do with phones on the internet?

IT Jargon Buster

Close. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Effectively this is the telephone over the internet – with much lower call costs being one of the major advantages.


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