Definition of Cloud Computing

When we define cloud computing we are basically talking about a huge computer server in a bomb proof, fire proof, flood proof (which is important here in Brisbane) server centre where your business can access all of your documents and programs with ease. While the term cloud computing might conjure images of PC’s floating in the sky, its more about freeing your data from a fixed physical location and giving you access to your data, whenever, wherever.


The future is definitely the cloud, it reduces the capital you need to invest in in-house IT hardware, and provides a host of benefits such as data back-up, remote access and software licensing.

The KEY Benefits of Cloud Computing:

  • Capital Savings
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Easy Software Updates
  • Scalable for Business Growth
  • More Mobile
  • Privacy & Security Assured

Defining Cloud Computing needs for your business

Before developing a cloud computing solution for your business you should identify what you need the your IT infrastructure to do for you. For example, if your employees are all office based and do not work from home or on the road, then 24/7  global access may not be necessary. Further, you may have highly confidential data that cannot be held in an external data centre, so you may need to set up a private cloud solution. Are you looking to cloud computing to reduce your upfront IT costs? Or are you looking to cloud computing to ensure your business does not risk being deployed on redundant IT hardware?


Cloud Computing

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