Business owners know that in order to be successful you must have control of your expenses. Get your IT budget under control with these cost saving initiatives to reduce your ongoing IT costs.


If you have an internal IT person or team you may want to consider multi-sourcing as your business grows. Multi-sourcing means your general base load of IT work is managed by your in-house team of professionals and any extra IT work is outsourced to a 3rd party IT service provider. Examples of extra work may be a one off server upgrade or it could be an entire review of your IT infrastructure.

Your current team may not have the particular skill-set needed for a one off upgrade/project – so hire a consultant short term to assist.

The benefit here is that you do not have to go through the risk and expense of hiring a permanent staff member and can manage your wage costs easier.

Review Your Service providers

We can get in the habit of not checking our bills and reviewing our service providers, so it doesn’t hurt to have a look at those bills once in a while and compare your current provider with others on the market.

Internet Service Provider

ISP’s are in constant competition with each other and this is resulting in lower prices for better service offerings. Internet download rates are much more competitive and there is a good chance you can get an unlimited download limit for what you’re paying now.

Shift from Phones to VoIP

We’ve spoken about VoIP before (check it out here), but basically you can replace your traditional telephone system with one that works over the internet for a fraction of the price. VoIP functions like a normal telephone service – you can call both mobiles & landlines, local and international and even forward from one office phone to another.

Cloud Based Software

A lot of software packages are now cloud based and are sold on a monthly subscription model. Everything from accounting software to legal to email and word processing. This means the next time you want to upgrade or are asked to renew a license, think twice. You may be able to get a better deal elsewhere.

IT Consultants

When was the last time you reviewed your IT consultant? If you are outsourcing to an IT firm to look after your business, get in touch and ask for a review if it’s been a while since they made contact. IT firms will generally assume that if you haven’t contacted them that everything is fine. But you will be surprised by how they can help you if you get in touch and let them know about changes in your business or future plans.

Consolidate your IT Infrastructure

Has your IT system become a mess of different operating systems, software packages, devices and networks?

It happens to many businesses where they simply ‘add-on’ a piece of hardware, or adopt a new software program or upgrade half of the office, and then don’t upgrade the remaining half.

Disjointed IT infrastructure is a source of IT inefficiency, user frustration and ultimately – cost. If you or your IT team haven’t addressed this in a while, include it in your regular business review – along with your business plan, marketing plan and hiring plan, include an IT plan. And when you do, consider the above factors as well.

Get your IT Costs UnderCtrl

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