Networking is a complicated and frustrating topic for anyone whenever dropouts, slow transfer speeds and connection errors interrupt our important online activities. In business, the frustration is amplified by the lost productivity and potential earnings that an unreliable WiFi network inflicts on a daily basis. At Under Ctrl we understand this everyday reality and provide the necessary know how, hardware and understanding of our client business needs to solve your network problem once and for all.

Under Ctrl’s team of networking experts work with our clients individually to assess the unique demands of their business’ wireless communications usage. We investigate your physical environment, desired network speed and capabilities and the number of devices the network has to support. Once we have gathered all the required information, Under Ctrl plans a well designed custom enterprise grade network purpose built for you. Each network we build utilises the latest, highest quality enterprise level WiFi hardware strategically placed to create your desired network.

In addition to being reliable, your new cloud connected WiFi routers allow administrators to see who is accessing what and when, even how much data is being used for each device. This allows your IT managers to ensure they can maintain security and integrity of your network and business files as well as monitoring everyday employee activity. The professionally installed network of multiple WiFi devices forms a single, continuous network rather than the current patchwork of devices that it replaces. This creates a responsive network environment in which devices can intelligently switch from one router to another as automatically to ensure you have no drop outs and enable true wireless mobility within the workspace for every device, every day.

A custom built and installed enterprise wireless network system developed by UnderCtrl Brisbane IT specialist, will allow you to work anywhere in your place of business confidently and reliably. Contact us to learn how we can help speed up for Wifi or look at all of our IT services to find what suits you.