A Passion to Build Great Business Systems.

Over 100 QLD businesses have placed their trust in us to deliver cost-effective, tailored IT services for them. Even with a 98% customer retention rate, we’re still not satisfied.

Whether it’s hardware, data backup and security, cloud solutions or advice on meeting the growing needs of your business – we’re here to help.

At UnderCtrl we specialise in managing your company’s IT needs. We get to know your business so we can build the best-customised solution for you. We don’t do ‘Band-Aid’ fixes, we don’t baffle you with bull, we speak in terms you will understand so that you have confidence in our solutions.

How did we get here?

UnderCtrl was founded by Josh Stedman. In a previous life, he worked for large corporations but always had a lot of people ask for his advice for their personal business. UnderCtrl was born from his passion to help small businesses build better IT systems and offer solutions that ensured they didn’t spend more than they needed to on hardware and software.

What makes us special?

Simple; our passion. We not only love working in IT we spend our downtime playing with electronics and programming – just because we enjoy technology and making it simple to interact with. Yeah, we are a bit nerdy, but we genuinely want to help with your IT needs, for us, it’s fun!

Besides family, my business is my passion. As a service provider I want to work with , not for you.  We spend the extra time learning about your business and understanding what you need from your IT system to make it work efficiently, this also makes us quicker at resolving issues when they arise.

Josh Stedman – CEO & Founder

Organise a Free IT Consultation

If you are looking for IT Services, Brisbane based UnderCtrl offers a free consultation to discuss how our services can help your business.