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For those people who are not in IT, cloud technology can be a bit of an abstract concept. As we do day to day at UnderCtrl we wanted to try and explain cloud technology in an easy to understand manner.

Firstly though, it might help to understand what cloud technology is.

You are probably using cloud technology without realising.

Anything like Google Docs, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive are all examples of cloud technology in practice. These are all cloud based storage solutions. You can upload, download and access documents anywhere you have an internet connection.

Google Sheets is an example of a cloud based software solution. Users can access the software on a computer, an iPad or smartphone.  Multiple users can share a single Sheet at the same time and changes are saved in real time.

These storage areas and programs are accessed via a web browser and generally do not require any software to be installed onto the device that is accessing the information. However, more often than not, you need an internet connection to access these services.

Cloud Technology Explained – Where is data held?

Firstly, all of this data is held on a server (mass storage device) somewhere. Your data may be accessible anywhere, but it is still held physically somewhere. If you want a geographic location, you may be looking for a long time. Providers may source data centres overseas, where expenses are lower.

However some providers will ensure data centres are maintained in the same country as their customers. This can be really important if the customer is seeking to protect their data, such as Intellectual Property or confidential customer information. Basically, it can’t hurt to ask where your data is.

Cloud technology is expanding and is not slowing down. Its application is broadening across software programs and is getting faster with faster internet speeds becoming more commonplace.

Businesses can take advantage of cloud technologies, especially in instances where employees are based across a wide geographical region or a on the road often.

Importantly though, users need to consider the importance and security of their data.  We have written extensively on cloud technology so if you want more information check out these links.

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If you are looking for IT Cloud Services checkout our Cloud Services Page.

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