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When it comes to business, IT can be incredibly beneficial in streamlining your systems and business tasks. We look at 5 IT Business Ideas that will help you improve your businesses efficiency and hopefully, profitability.

1: Use IT to remove Double Entry administration

If you are the kind of business that completes forms, such as a doctor’s office or completes orders, like a hardware store, you can remove double entry administration by ensuring data is collected and recorded immediately into a cloud based software device. Think about entering data straight into an iPad or other tablet device that then records data direct into your systems.  These devices are relatively low cost now and everything that is entered can be synchronised to reduce manual intervention by staff.

2: Automate and Customise Reporting

You probably have a number of business KPI’s that you and your staff report on. Sometimes the reporting software that measures these KPI’s or targets, can be old and clunky – or the data needs to first be reviewed and then put into another document that exists in another program (another case of double entry administration). It is actually possible to build a customer Dashboard that collects, formats and reports all of your data in a single file, usually with a single click. Importantly, this information can be made available very quickly, without employee intervention – handy if you’re the owner or manager and you need to check those KPI’s quickly.

3: Implement Cloud Based software management

There is no hiding we are big fans of cloud based IT infrastructure – Cloud computing allows your data to be available to you and your team around the clock, anywhere an internet connection is available. This means you can check your emails on the bus, train or plane (well, maybe the airport), get access to company reports while at home or on a business trip and liaise with your colleagues, irrespective of where they may be at the time. Add to this the security and data back-up benefits of cloud computing and you have a good case to consider cloud infrastructure in your business.

4: Lease rather than buy

In most cases your IT software and hardware can be leased (in one form or another), rather than purchased outright. The biggest efficiency with this is you do not have to give up much needed capital to invest in your IT. Most software companies offer a no-contract leasing option for software, which means you can ensure you are always getting the best price/best software. Even better, you can usually just add users as your business grows – which means you won’t be expending that precious capital in anticipation of a growing team.

5: Get someone else to do it

Just like your accounting and your marketing and all the other facets of your business, get someone else to worry about your IT. Most IT firms charge a flat monthly fee to manage your IT infrastructure. Importantly, they are skilled in IT and should be both proactive in managing you IT system to reduce the chance of problems occurring as well as experienced in solving any IT problems that may arise.

IT Business Ideas for the real world

When managed correctly IT can be a benefit to business. The important thing is finding an IT technician who thinks like a business person as well, rather than an IT technician who cannot see the real world outcomes of IT infrastructure. Its all well and good to have the latest technology or the fastest processor – but if these do not align with the businesses core operations and improve the business then they are simply gimmicks that probably have more geek appeal than profit delivery.

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