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A number of peoples have received scam emails, claiming to be from Australia Post, requesting the email recipient click a link in order to generate a ticket for a parcel pick-up.

If you receive an email such as this, do not click the link (Red Box below). These emails are designed to trick you into giving up your information, which can be used to defraud you in the future.

Australia Post Scam Email

You can tell this email is a fraud by looking closely. Firstly, as stated by Australia Post, they do not charge to keep your parcels. Secondly, you will note the email does not come from an Australia Post email, it appears to be a false domain name, ‘’. Thirdly, you can note that the Unsubscribe link is ” Australia Post @ 2015″ – this is not a legitimate link, rather it is another way for the spammers to get access to your information.

The best course of action for theses emails, and other like them, are to mark as junk and delete them. Most email servers will send these to the junk box automatically, but we have seen instances where they appear in the Inbox.

This serves as a reminder that when your email doesn’t look right or it feels like something is wrong, its usually best to be cautious. If you have been the recipient of an Australia Post Email Scam and you have opened the link or if you have any questions about security issues or email, give us a call and we can have a chat over the phone. Call 1300 362 637 or email



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