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When we discuss appropriate IT options with our small business clients we consider a number of IT services that should improve the IT function, and the greater efficiency of that business. There a 5 common IT Small Business IT Services we always consider;

1) Cloud Computing

Whether data is held in a privately owned cloud network, on a public network or a hybrid of the two, a cloud solution offers clients the opportunity to access data anywhere with an internet connection 24/7, 365 days of the year. This is one of the biggest trending IT Services that is being deployed across small businesses today.

2) Hosted Email

A hosted email solution provides a fully functioning email system, as well diary functions and sharing connections amongst employees. Added to this, data back-ups can occur in real time, to ensure no important emails are ever lost.

3) VoIP

Say goodbye to expensive landline bills and reduce overall communication costs with a VoIP system. Not only can calls be made internally, a VoIP systems works (looks and feels) like an ordinary telephone – without the cost.

4) Mobile enablement

Having a well-established IT infrastructure plan means not only addressing important issues in the office – such as networking, printers and computers – but also being to access the network when out of the office on Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops.

5) Security

Data Security is absolutely paramount for any business. Whether protecting business intellectual property or customer details, criminals are developing new ways to profit off accessing your private information. Without appropriate anti-virus software, firewalls and data back-ups a business is left vulnerable to attack and financial loss.

If you want to improve your business IT check out our Business IT Solutions page.

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