Choosing the right cloude services model is about balancing cloud security with business IT budget

As should be evident by now, the advent of mobiles in business devices, whether tablets or smart phones, has led to a better connected workforce – for those companies who have employed such strategies.

In this article we consider how employing an optimised mobile strategy can improve communications, data accessibility and tracing and the benefits of pursuing these strategies.

Mobiles in business – Improving Communication

Today’s business environment requires a quick response – whether it be to opportunities or threats. Given email and social media now makes up a large majority of communication between customers and business it is vital for business to monitor these communications in real time.

While we may not be in front of a computer all day we are hardly ever not within arm’s reach of a mobile device. Given this, your mobile device can be set up, with relatively little hassle, to receive and send emails as well as monitor and contribute to social media channels.

Whether we like it or not, the business world does not operate solely between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. By enabling your mobile devices to receive and send communications business owners and employees can readily identify opportunities that may present themselves and/or limit the damage of a potential PR disaster.

Data Accessibility

This is a huge benefit to employees who spend a lot of time away from a physical office – maybe you have salespeople working for you or you yourself tend to complete a lot of business travel.

Invariably at some stage you or your team will need to access business data – perhaps for a presentation or to complete some work while on the road. With the advent of cloud technology (see our other articles for specifics) you can access this information globally. This means less wasted time while travelling and more time with friends and family when you return home.

It also allows for a much better cross-team collaboration across geographic boundaries, whether they be in different offices locally or globally.


Tracing is a great way to monitor the efficiency of a business’s on-road resources. Let’s consider a business that sends technicians to site to inspect smoke alarms.

Using tracing software, we can monitor the position of the technician’s trucks to ensure we are prioritising job requests based on geographic location.

In live time we can reprogram routes to meet traffic and site demands – so that technicians spend less time in traffic and more time inspecting smoke alarms. Finally, we can ensure that our on–road employees are accounted for and safe. In the event of an emergency we can easily locate our staff.

Is your business mobile optimised?

There are a multitude of benefits to adopting a mobile optimised strategy for your business. We have listed a few of these above. While there does remain a fine balancing act between privacy and business intelligence, the utilisation of a mobile strategy can allow business to obtain and analyse real data, make better informed decisions and ensure the safety of its employees.

Mobile is a great add-on to an appropriate IT strategy. To find out more about other options for you, check out our IT Support page.

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