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Website hosting services function as a storage facility for a companies website. In addition to this function, web hosting services allow a business to manage their website beyond being a virtual shopfront. Utilising advanced website hosting services allow a business to integrate business functions into a website such as payments, taking enquiries, provide information to customers and deliver a better level of online service.

Website Hosting Services: what’s right for my business?

A website should be hosted on a website hosting services server – this could be considered as the ‘home’ for your businesses website. Specialist providers offer a host server that ensures your website is available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are a number of website hosting services available and, much like we have discussed with our cloud solutions blog, there are low cost options available with limited functionality as well  paid options that offer greater security, flexibility and functionality.  The decision to utilise a low cost option or a higher functioning option should be based on what is needed from the website.

Website hosting services functions


If a business is looking to use a website as an e-commerce website, then the site needs to be set up to receive and process online payments. This means that security is of utmost importance for both the business and for customers.

Another function a business may wish to utilise is the integration of online payments and an accounting software package such as MYOB, Quicken etc. This integration requires greater functionality on the website hosting services platform.

Manage customer enquiries

One way business is able to increase sales opportunities is to incorporate a customer enquiry form into the website. This allows for potential customers to leave their details to obtain further information. In a well integrated website a customer enquiry can be delivered immediately to a sales persons email in real time – the obvious benefit here is that the sales person can contact the person in a very short period of time, increasing the opportunity to convert an enquiry into a sale.

Provide information to customers

Depending on the type of business that is being operated a website can serve as a great service point for customers to find information in a short period of time. Information can be presented using text online, PDF documents available for download, JAVA animations or even video. The type of information and the purpose of its existence can drive the type of medium it is delivered through.


Simply, there are plenty of low cost, moderately functional website hosting servers who can deliver a moderate level of functionality. For a simple personal website or a website that acts as a shopfront on the web these can be perfectly fine. However, when a business wishes to leverage their website, to improve business efficiency and sales, higher functioning website hosting services should be sought.

To find out more about website hosting services and other services we offer check out our IT Support page.

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