Apple has just placed a patent on a Weightlifting Tracking Sensor to coincide with the new iOS 8 release.The patent has described the sensor “ have its own built-in display, and some versions of it are described as a bar clamp for use with barbells and dumbbells to also lock weights in place and add no additional mass to the overall equipment”.

This new device is aimed towards regular weightlifters and builds upon apple’s investment within the health and fitness sector. However the chance this device will actually be put to market by Apple itself as it highly specialized and differs from their previous devices.

Techcrunch remarks that  “It seems much more like the kind of third-party hardware they’d welcome from partners like Nike, which makes the simple run-tracking pedometer. Still, it’s interesting to see that Apple is willing to explore making its own ecosystem of unique accessories if it needs additional health and fitness input sources”.

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